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Affordable coaching and
career counseling for every leader!

The Concept

Most organizations provide coaching for executive-level leaders only due to associated costs.

Through our On-Site Career Center, you can provide coaching, performance improvement counseling, or succession planning to as many as 5 leaders per day.

We use your empty office or conference room to hold discussions with individuals who have pre-arranged appointments via a web link we provide to you.

What We Provide

Guidance is provided by one of our executive-level coaches selected to serve your site consistently during your contract to maintain consistency to maximize the benefit to individuals.

Our experts may also recommend supplemental materials such as articles, books, or DVD programs that may be useful with their particular needs.

Incorporated into our model is an opportunity for participants to receive guidance in business writing or participate in leadership training.

Getting Started is Simple

  • Step 1
    Choose the plan best suited for your organization’s needs.
    3-month, 6-month, or 12-month

  • Step 2
    Choose the number of days you are interested in.
    1 day per month or 2 days per month

  • Step 3
    Sign your agreement and set up the dates.

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