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"Nancy has captured a true opportunity for individuals to uncover their greatest obstacles while capitalizing on their personal strengths! Extremely useful in creating a positive learning opportunity for anyone who wants to grow both personally and professionally. Chalk-full of ideas, tips, and methods for maximizing performance!"
Debra A. Benton, author of the best-selling How to Think Like A CEO

"Nancy has been invaluable to me and my organization. She has provided consulting services to me, as well as training and coaching services, in a variety of capacities, to several members of my organization – Associate Director and managers, all with regional and national responsibilities. Nancy has been able to consistently exceed my expectations, and deliver on commitments within our agreed upon timelines and budget."
Karen Richardson, National Director of Technology Service, KPMG International

"Please accept our sincere thanks for the superb "Uncovering the Leader in You" training you provided on 22-23 September 2005 at David Grant Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base. From development to execution, your efforts resulted in a stellar training program for our staff of 2,100."
Byron C. Hepburn, Colonel, USAF, MC, SFS Commander Travis Air Force Base

“She provided excellent council and was a willing team member who assisted the team to insure all deliverables were met. I strongly recommend Nancy Mercurio as a Training Consultant and would hire her again if the need arises...”
Nancy McLane, Executive Director Operations Cordis Corporation

“The (Pfizer) program turned out to be a great opportunity for dialogue and was time well spent. I enjoyed Nancy’s ability to bring issues into discussion and play among the members of the group.”
Edward Stemley, M.S. Pharm.D., Administrative Director of Pharmacy
Harris County Hospital District

"You were a great addition to our conference, as a matter of fact, you set the tone for the entire time..."
Dan R. Lucero, Ph.D., Colorado ACTE, Executive Director

Just wanted to say thanks for a great leadership training session. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts....I can honestly say it was one of our-if not our best- most productive meetings since 1992. I look forward to our continued relationship with LTS.
Kimberly Clark, Lincoln Property Company, Dallas, TX

I want Nancy to know her name is so famous from last year that we now have 120 government project people coming to the broadcast!
Linda Essery, Ministry of Finance & Corporate Relations, Victoria, BC

Innovative, organized, engaging speaker...
Susan McCartney, Director, Small Bus. Dev.Ctr - Buffalo, NY

I liked how Nancy accentuated the positive and downplayed the negative of problems.
Mark Green - QA Supervisor, Curwood Inc. - Oshkosh, WI

Gave good examples that everyone can relate to.
Pat Sanchez - USDA-FSA - Albuquerque, NM

Good working rules to follow.
Richard Correa - System Analyst - Johnson&Johnson - Arlington, TX

This presented a down to earth perspective on leadership....easy to understand & positive...
Johnell Rodgers - Software Configuration Mgr.- Indianapolis, IN

Very informative!
Erica Sebree - DFAS-OM - Offoxx AFB, NE

Great instructor....she gives you the energy & strength to do things that you do not do....
Patsy K. Morgan - Program Manager Asst. - NSWC - Indian Head, MD

Clear speaker..Great Job with several specific/detailed examples & ideas/directions!
Joeseph Spires - Financial Specialist - Columbus, OH

Excellent Reviews...Thanks Again!
Shawn Hunter - Federal Training Network - Bethesda, MD


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