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Executive/Performance Based Coaching

Our 5-Step Program is simple and has a 100% success rate!

Step 1:

Evaluate current practices & behaviors

Step 2:

Identify 3-5 key areas for improvement

Step 3:

Implement an improvement plan

Step 4:

Manage new issues/troubleshoot problems

Step 5:

Evaluate progress/develop sustainable plan

Our 6-Month Coaching Program has been our most successful approach and includes:

  • Half-Day Face-to-Face Introductory Meeting

  • Bi-Weekly 60-90 minute calls

  • Full-Day Observation

    • In cases where private observation is not possible, four additional sessions will be added.

Following each session (face-to-face or via phone), individuals receive two reports:

  1. Session Report - documenting each session discussions

  2. Recommendation Report – tracks recommendations and progress

NOTE: Some leaders prefer to have complete privacy from employee knowledge of coaching
and the entire coaching experience is conducted via phone.

View sample report we use in Coaching:
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